Monday, 27 April 2015

How to cure eczema effectively :

Eczema is an itchy inflammation of the skin. This disease has many symptoms such as redness of affected areas of skin, generally dry skin which is often thickened in the areas that have been scratched, lumps or blisters in affected areas, signs of superficial infection, such as weeping or crusty deposits.

Eczema on back side of the body
Symptom of Eczema on Back side of the Body.

There is no single proven cause for this disease but some factors may be responsible for his such as changes in climate, pollution. Allergies to house dust mite or pollens, diets, infections, other early life factors etc. Eczema can easily scatter about all body even the very sensitive part of our body. There is no age limit to affect by this disease. A child to a old person can be affected by this and it can serious damage our skin. Although it is a outside disease but it have a serious inside effect in our body. Even the lung and other vital insider pars can be seriously damaged by this disease. 

We need to take extra care about our children and and our selves to get rid of eczema. We should avoid some velvet and others cloth.

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How to get rid of Eczema